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Banding Together Webinar

By Anthony Garone on Oct 29, 2020

Phoenix Staff kindly invited me to speak at their Banding Together webinar series. This one was aptly called Discover Your Cluelessness. The webinar was recorded and is available on YouTube.

It was a great conversation. Here are the timestamps for the topics we discussed:

If you’d like to book me to speak on your podcast, webinar, or at your company, message me.

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Anthony Garone is a creative technology leader with a heart for helping people understand who they are, where they excel, and what they can offer the world. He has co-founded and advised several startups, runs Make Weird Music, and leads software and technology teams at an identity theft protection firm, InfoArmor, which was acquired by Allstate in October 2018.

Anthony lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and three children.