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Clueless at The Work: Advice from a Corporate Tyrant

Anthony Garone offers a comprehensive guide on how to develop and grow professional self-awareness, relationships, and a framework for success.

Just bought this and I can't put it down. So much food for thought. I'm probably going to be late for work now. - Colyn B.

Anthony is amongst a select few that are able to see clearly what motivates people and how that can show up, for better or worse, in their career. Clueless at The Work for me was cause for a sobering, and at times uncomfortable, look into how I have changed over the years and how that has manifested in my work. - Michael D.

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You will learn...

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Clueless at The Work will teach you to:

  • Show up to work on time and do well
  • Become proficient and develop understanding
  • Build relationships and become indispensable
  • Read the room and take ownership
  • Take control, keep your money, and change the world
  • Think toward the future
  • Assess yourself
  • See the world for what it is and isn't

These skills are based on the framework Anthony developed in building self awareness programs and corporate training materials for his startup, Kensho Education.

Why does this book exist?

Do you live out the same, boring experience every day at work? Are you puzzled at decisions made by leadership teams? Having trouble connecting with your teams? Has your job been commandeered by the needs of others? Are you a slave to your meeting calendar?

You are not alone! So many professionals face these problems.

I wrote Clueless at The Work to help others overcome corporate autopilot. After undergoing years of personal transformation work, I developed a training program that led hundreds of people out of professional zombieland. The results for myself and others have been incredible.

In addition to working full time and raising a family, I also advise technology startups, lead an industry advisory board for Arizona State University, and run a music publication that reaches audiences around the globe. People ask me all the time, "How do you get so much done?" This book answers that question.

If you're tired of living out the same day over and over again, running yourself ragged, and frustrated at your lack of career advancement, then this book is for you.

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About the Author

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Anthony Garone is a creative technology leader with a heart for helping people understand who they are, where they excel, and what they can offer the world. He has co-founded and advised several startups, runs Make Weird Music, and leads software and technology teams at an identity theft protection firm, InfoArmor, which was acquired by Allstate in October 2018.

Anthony lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and three children.